NMX Motion App for Android and iOS


The intuitive NMX Motion App allows photographers and filmmakers to connect to the NMX Controller via Bluetooth LE and easily set up motion control time-lapse and video moves.

  • Virtual 3-axis joystick for keyframe positioning
  • Shot timing and distances can be entered manually or calculated automatically
  • Once the shot is executing it is fully autonomous, no need for the app of mobile device to remain connected or powered
  • Many more features...

Motion Editing Software: Graffik 2.0

Graffik 2.0's unlimited keyframes and powerful motion editing capabilities define an incredible leap forward for the creative visual arts community. Provided free of charge and open source with support for Mac/PC computers and windows tablets via tethered USB connection.


Stop Motion Animation and Dragon Frame

The NMX Motion Controller (firmware version 0.31 and more recent) includes support for the popular Dragon Frame stop motion animation software. Learn more about Dragon Frame support here. 

See how the team at Animortal Studios is putting the NMX and DP Motion Control to work in their upcoming release 'Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires'. Full post here