Already have a standard NMX motion controller? Stoked about Sapphire?
Purchase any Sapphire Pro pan/tilt head and we'll factory retrofit your standard NMX to a Pro NMX for full Sapphire compatibility. Just send the standard controller to us and we'll do our magic. 

Here's how the program works: 

1. Buy any Sapphire Pro system.

2. Let us know we should expect your standard controller in the mail by checking the "convert my NMX for free" accessory on the product page.  

3. Mail us the original NMX ASAP (within 30 days of order) and have your Sapphire Pro order number written inside the package so we know who you are.

4. We'll convert your standard NMX to a Pro and ship out your full Sapphire Pro order.



Wait, so the conversion is free!?
Yes! We love the Sapphire Pro so much we're happy to retrofit your existing standard controller to a Pro so you can put it to work in the field. (essentially you just cover the shipping of your controller in to us) 

How long does it take you to convert my controller?
Pro NMX conversions typically take 1-3 days to process after receipt at HQ. We'll ship your retrofit controller and your Sapphire Systems as soon as possible. Keep in mind Sapphire Pro's are shipping the first part of November.

Do you retrofit standard motors too?
While it is possible to retrofit an NMX, unfortunately it's not possible to retrofit motors. 

What do I need to replace my standard slider motor with so I can still run my slider?
Simple, you'll just need to add one additional motor to your order. Pro motors (compatible with Pro NMX) are found here.

Where can I learn more about Sapphire Pro?
Your can learn more here.

Where can I learn more about the Pro NMX Controller?
You can learn more here.

Where do I mail in my standard NMX?
Mail your standard NMX and include your Sapphire Pro order number inside the package (so we know who you are):

Dynamic Perception
Attention: NMX Conversion Program
4180 Gleaner Hall Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

IMPORTANT: International customers please mark the package as a warranty item with a $0.01 value to avoid duplicate import/export costs that have already been paid with the initial shipment.