A lightweight slider with our powerful digital motion software

The NMX Controller, the Stage One System and 40" aluminum rails at an unbeatable price

Total system weight, including motor is 5.56 lbs (2.5 kg) / Load Capacity: 12- 15lbs (5.4 - 6.8 kg)

Ready-to-run system with the new Digital NMX Motion Controller starting at $995

Creative Freedom

Create horizontal, angled or fully vertical single or multi-axis setups; even operate under-slung. Easily connect standard tripods or add Bi-Pods (our mini tripod legs) to the ends of the slider for low to the ground shots. Built-in levels make set up fast and precise.


Push Your Creative Boundaries

Looking for a curved track? The only slider that can simulate a curve and operates like a motorized jib
Achieve a super unique look by inverting the system, mounting your camera differently and creating a motorized push/pull and rotation effect (rotation with the addition of a single Stage: R Rotary unit). Move into and through a space with the slider never in the way. 

Simple operation with the NMX Controller and app 

The digital NMX Controller is a 3-axis capable motor driver that provides key-frame accurate time-lapse and video camera movement, synchronizes camera firing for move-shoot-move operation, and interacts with a host of other devices within the visual arts community.