Stage Zero

The original indestructible camera dolly  


Stage Zero

The original indestructible camera dolly  

The original brute of a dolly where it all began

Designed around a common, inexpensive and world-sourceable aluminum rail, it's our most economical and practically indestructible slider system. 

Ready-to-run systems including our the Digital NMX Motion Controller start at $695

Maximum Creative Freedom

Create horizontal, angled or fully vertical single or multi-axis setups; even operate under-slung. Easily connect standard tripods or add Bi-Pods (our mini tripod legs) to the ends of the slider for low to the ground shots. 


Simple operation with the NMX Controller and app

The digital NMX Controller is a 3-axis capable motor driver that provides key-frame accurate time-lapse and video camera movement, synchronizes camera firing for move-shoot-move operation, and interacts with a host of other devices within the visual arts community.  

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